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February 27, 2013
Year in Health - What Mattered Most to Consumers
Learn how consumers are searching for and finding information regarding their personal health and wellness. Since 2010, WebMD has published the Year in Health results, which focus on their top health stories, searches, questions, and trends. Making the list in 2011 were topics such as the food pyramid, listeria, and super foods. Dr. Michael Smith, Medical Director and Chief Medical Editor of WebMD, will discuss the 2012 Year in Health data as it relates to food health and wellness.
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Michael W. Smith   [ view bio ]
Engaging the Private Sector to End Childhood Obesity
This dynamic session will explore key elements to successful engagement of the private sector in child obesity prevention. Through this session, participants will build their understanding of the current food landscape, will learn about the communication challenges and pitfalls, and will get familiar with multi-sector engagement, across industry, academia, and non-governmental organizations. Participants will gain insight into the "win-win-win" that exists for their consumers and their company, and will understand the incredible power they have to make a difference in this most important public health issue.
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Miriam Nelson   [ view bio ]
Consumer Panel: Teens from the Top Down

What are the important, competing factors in the lives of U.S. teens and how do they impact health and wellness decisions? Where do they get their information? Do their choices vary differently from what their parents buy? Join us for a Wellness favorite as a live, moderated panel of shoppers from the Chicago area speak to their shopping and dining experiences, including what drives and influences their purchases.

IFT partnered with HealthFocus International to commission original teen consumer research which was shared during this session. The study explores American teens' food choices, influencers, and definitions of health. The full study, valued at $25,000, is available for an additional purchase of $2500 for IFT members. The study covers topics such as teens':
  • Career interests and aspirations
  • Beliefs in food to drive personal health
  • Daily routines
  • Definitions of "healthy snacks" and "healthy meals"
  • Household buying powers and behaviors
  • Interests in personal health
  • Life priorities
  • Means of exercise and stress-relief
  • Personal health priorities
  • Personal motivators


Speaker Information
Jeff Hilton   [ view bio ]
Barbara Katz   [ view bio ]
Functional Foods and Health Claims: Creating Claims that are Substantiated and Defensible in a New Age of Scrutiny
Speaker Information
Holly Bayne
Michael Kelley
Investigating Sensory Equivalence of Reformulated Products
Speaker Information
John Cowden
Benoit Rousseau
Seeing is Believing: Nutrients for Visual Performance
Speaker Information
Billy Hammond
Michael McBurney
Stuart Richer
Motivating Consumers to Purchase
Speaker Information
Kathy Hopkinson
Lu Ann Williams
Protein Needs for Physical Performance
Speaker Information
Donald Layman
Heather Leidy
Is the Food Fortification Policy Helping Consumers and Do They Get the Message?
Speaker Information
Deshanie Rai   [ view bio ]
Marianne Smith Edge   [ view bio ]
Kathy Wiemer   [ view bio ]
Oral Presentations of the Heart-Healthy Product Development Competition sponsored by CanolaInfo
Speaker Information
Iowa State University   [ view bio ]
Rutgers University   [ view bio ]
University of Arkansas   [ view bio ]
The Greatest Wealth is Microbes? The Critical Role of Microbiota in Healthy Aging
Speaker Information
Britt Burton-Freeman   [ view bio ]
Christine Pelkman   [ view bio ]
Topical and Systemic Anti-Inflammatory Properties of HIDROX® (Olivenol® Plus+): a Proprietary Formulation of Hydroxytyrosol Derived from the Juice of Organic Olives, presented by CreAgri, Inc.
Speaker Information
Robert Crea   [ view bio ]
John Langdon   [ view bio ]
A Healthy Engagement: Modifications and Methods for Product Development
Speaker Information
Bryson Bolton   [ view bio ]
Judith R. Lindsey   [ view bio ]
Ross McClean   [ view bio ]
Healthy Muscle, Blood Sugar Levels & Circulation: Hot Health Markets for the Decade Ahead
Speaker Information
Catherine Adams Hutt   [ view bio ]
A. Elizabeth Sloan   [ view bio ]
Dairy, Fortified Foods and Dietary Supplements: Can Calcium Intake Increase the Risk of Myocardial Infarction?
Speaker Information
Taylor Wallace   [ view bio ]
Connie Weaver   [ view bio ]
The Science of Taste Modification: Enhancing Salt Perception in Reduced Sodium Foods
Speaker Information
Rachel Cheatham   [ view bio ]
Robert Sobel   [ view bio ]
New Products, Technologies, and Services Showcase
Speaker Information
Heather Biehl   [ view bio ]
Dennis Gordon   [ view bio ]
Tonja Lipp   [ view bio ]
Dilip Patel   [ view bio ]
Fatty Acids: A Perfect Proportion Paradigm
Speaker Information
Penny Kris- Etherton   [ view bio ]
Mary La Guardia
Understanding the Satiety Value of Foods and the Role they Play in Weight Management, presented by the Almond Board of California
Speaker Information
Roger Clemens   [ view bio ]
Peggy Fyffe
Innovation Through Collaboration, presented by the Institute for Food Safety and Health
Speaker Information
Jack Cappozzo   [ view bio ]
Introducing enVantec Fat Soluble Vitamins for Superior Stability and Clean Labeling, presented by AIDP, Inc.
Speaker Information
Jim Ruffalo   [ view bio ]
The Importance of Daily Detoxification, presented by Applied Food Sciences Inc.
Speaker Information
Chris Fields   [ view bio ]
SODA-LO™ Is Shaking Up the World of Salt, presented by Tate & Lyle
Speaker Information
Lisa Spence   [ view bio ]
To the Next Level, presented by NIZO food research
Speaker Information
Deb Anderson   [ view bio ]
Jeroen Kiers   [ view bio ]
Sequencing the Mind's Health and Wellness Message Genomes
Speaker Information
Howard R. Moskowitz   [ view bio ]
Batool Batalvi   [ view bio ]
Kantha Shelke   [ view bio ]
An Update on Health Claim Regulations: Obstacles and Opportunities
Speaker Information
Kathy Musa-Veloso   [ view bio ]
Han Youl Lee   [ view bio ]
Getting Nutrition on the Menu at QSRs: The McDonald's Experience
Speaker Information
Eric Decker   [ view bio ]
Jerry Volkman   [ view bio ]
The Nutrition Benchmark: Who’s Improving America’s Health?
Speaker Information
Lu Ann Williams   [ view bio ]
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